ICEE Grows Your Business:

Iranian-Canadian Entrepreneurs Enterprise (ICEE) is a knowledge and community-based business oriented corporation.  ICEE helps small & medium enterprises (SMEs) to grow through the entrepreneurship services delivered by its highly educated expert team. 

We help you in following areas:

B2B, B2C, and B2I Platform

Our B2B, B2C, and B2I platform easily and effectively connects businesses, consumers, and investors together .

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Business Development

If you need strategically manage your business, we help you on designing your vision, mission, and BSC.

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Digital Marketing

We train and/or design/implement digital marketing tools, e.g. website and Mobile App, email marketing, social media and so on.

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Technical Support

We are a big technical team with all engineering expertise who can help you in developing your products.

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Legal Marketing

Our legal team help you establish your right business according to Canada Corporations Act. and protect you.

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The startups and newly established corporations can rely on our help to refine their ideas and find investors for them.

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Other Entrepreneurship Services

We will expand our team to give you any advisory or training services you need to expand and grow your business. Your support is highly appreciated.