Registration Guideline

ICEE website is now built up to present better services to all SMEs and entrepreneurs in Canada. This website is designed to provide you a user-friendly networking platform where you can make friendship with other businesses or consumers.
Registration on the website is free for all Iranian-Canadian businesses. You are also invited to create your own company or individual profile on the website for free. Having completed this profile, other users will be able to easily see you and network with you. The profile form is improving continuously, So, if you have already completed your profile, please have a look on it again, to enter any new fields.

Regarding this, I wonder to guide you on how to efficiently use this platform.

  1. Click on the signup link
  2. Go to menu -> My Profile and complete your business profile. (Click on Profile and then Edit buttons)
  3. Find other businesses or consumers and send them friend request. Refer to menu -> Resources -> Members or link members
  4. Request to join any professional groups you are interested in to see the other group members in your field of interest. Refer to menu -> Resources -> Groups or link Groups
  5. Navigate through all our services through the menu -> Entrepreneurship Services and visit the services pages you are interested in
  6. If there is any other application forms or quotation forms, fill them out. You will be contacted soon to find a solution for your question